Monday, April 25, 2011

Closing our Brick and Mortar

Cassandra and I have recently decided to close down our store.  While this is a difficult moment for us, it's not a tragic one.  For the time being, we're excited to have more time to spend with our two young kids and spend a few weekends together.

We'll certainly miss being a part of the neighborhood and seeing everyone's faces as they come through the door.  We do intend to go online with a simplified version of our store, though, so be sure to sign up on our email list if you haven't already and we'll keep you up to date the next step for Uncle Jer's.  (Click the link over in the right margin to sign up.)

I'll add a little more to this story soon for those who are interested you can check back here.  I just don't have much time right now because we're having this crazy, awesome sale to clear out our stock.  Everything in the store is 20% off right now and discounts will continue to climb over the next few weeks until we're done at the end of May.

Come pay us a visit, sign our guestbook if you have the inclination, and do a little shopping for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nightingale Designs

Oh, little blog, it's been way too long.  It's amazing how time flies when other people are pregnant.  Promise not to let a lapse like that happen again.  On to the beautiful things....A while back I wrote about Cassandra's buying trip to New York and how we'd feature some of her finds here.

One of them is Margaret Solow of Nightingale Designs.  Margaret is based in Santa Monica and makes these mouth-watering necklaces.  She handpicks each carefully faceted stone and hangs them on durable yet delicate thread.  When worn, the brown thread seems to disappear against your skin, leaving a glowing, shimmering stone floating right at your neckline.  The simple design really shows off the natural beauty of the stone - it's mind blowing to think these all came out of the ground.

We have a great range of tourmalines, rutilated quartzes and other stones in varying lengths so there's a perfect one for everyone.  Come find yours or one for the one you love.  If you can't make it in, write to us here for pictures of our latest stock.

UPDATE:   We just added a few new styles to our stock here, including these stacked tourmaline slices and some raw turquoise and aquamarine beads.  So simple and beautiful!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Polli Jewelry

This fun piece is made by Polli out of Australia.  (These Victorian era bicycles were called penny-farthings - the difference in the size of its wheels was reminiscent of the disparity between the penny and farthing coins.)

Polli was founded by Maja and Tess who met while studying industrial design.  When it was finally time for them to blaze their own creative trail, their wide knowledge about various materials and processes produced a line of jewelry like no other.

The pendants and earrings are made from laser cut stainless steel and aluminum.  The strength of the metals allows for some truly delicate and lively design, even with the bigger pieces which are remarkably light-weight.

They draw inspiration from their travel, and thus offer a wide range of designs.  We're a little partial to the organic, nature-based pieces - there's something special about the way they've captured a feather in a flat piece of aluminum, but the spirit of this penny necklace is hard to beat.

Come on over to the store to see for yourself.  If you can't make it, give us a call or write to us to find out what else is in stock right now.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Shea Project

We've been selling this shea butter produced by the Shea Project in Uganda for over 10 years now at Uncle Jer's but wanted to feature it here on our blog for several reasons:
  • As a versatile skincare and beauty product, we find this particular shea butter to be second to none
  • The money goes back directly to women's co-ops in Uganda, where the cash is spent on such things as children school fees and household food items that can't be farmed locally
  • By raising the economic value of the living, producing shea tree, the local eco-system is spared from the axes of charcoal traders
  • And, last but not least, the project was founded by Cassandra's sister Alisa and a colleague in the early 90's. Yay, family!
A long-lasting jar of this shea butter is just $21 here at Uncle Jer's. It's great as a simple moisturizer - lipids in the butter mimic the optimal moisture levels in our skin so that it doesn't over moisturize. It's also superb for sunburns, chapped lips, rosecea, eczema, minimizing scarring and helping to reduce stretch marks.

Write to us here to learn more about the Shea Project or to place an order.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Wings Jewelry

Paper Wings jewelry is the creation of Portland artist Jen Goff. Each piece is hand-hammered and hand-made, reflecting the never ending variety found in nature, the inspiration for Jen's work.

We were introduced to her work last year and instantly knew we had to have it here.

Her unique style is lacy and delicate yet substantial and a little edgy all at once.
Available in sterling silver and gold-filled.

Swing by to have a look, or write to us here and we can send you more pictures of what's available. Thanks again for supporting local business!

Monday, February 22, 2010

An Exercise in Subjectivity and Perspective

Pierce Brosnan engaged in a little guerilla style photoshoot in front of our store last December.

The picture I took on my phone through our shop window: (Really, it's him.)

And the image published in March issue of GQ:

See him running all over Silverlake here.

And the next time someone yells, "HEY - THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED!", you'll know better.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Would You Like that Gift Wrapped?

So I noticed this Wolfman doing a little window shopping out front the day before Valentine's Day. He was accompanied by a human, and he was pointing at something in our window display. They nodded at each other and turned toward the front door. I repeated to myself, "Please don't come in. Please don't come in." over and over because I was sure the only reason a wolfman would have to come in was to feast on my heart and make a new pair of shoes out of my kidneys. Alas, my mantra had no effect over this creature of the night and his hulking form soon darkened our doorway.

Wolfman wanted two porcelain rose tealight holders, just like the ones in the window. Yes, Wolfman would like those gift-wrapped. Separately. Wolfman had two birthday parties to attend that evening.

Wolfman left with a smile on his face. Which exposed the bloody flesh hanging from his razor sharp canines. But that's not the point.

The point is that Uncle Jer's customer service and free gift-wrapping are powerful forces, a weapon we wield to combat supernatural surliness and transform it into contentment.

Actually, our visitor was just Victor, the manager at the Vista movie theater across the street. The Vista's one of the best theaters in the city, an Egyptian-themed temple to filmgoing. They removed every other row of seats during a major renovation so that you don't get fanny-raged every time someone gets up for more Twizzlers. And whenever Victor has the chance, he dresses up as a character from the film they're showing. Be sure to see your next movie at the Vista and pay us a visit while you're in the neighborhood!

Wolfman came back today for two more candle holders because the first two were such big hits!