Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nightingale Designs

Oh, little blog, it's been way too long.  It's amazing how time flies when other people are pregnant.  Promise not to let a lapse like that happen again.  On to the beautiful things....A while back I wrote about Cassandra's buying trip to New York and how we'd feature some of her finds here.

One of them is Margaret Solow of Nightingale Designs.  Margaret is based in Santa Monica and makes these mouth-watering necklaces.  She handpicks each carefully faceted stone and hangs them on durable yet delicate thread.  When worn, the brown thread seems to disappear against your skin, leaving a glowing, shimmering stone floating right at your neckline.  The simple design really shows off the natural beauty of the stone - it's mind blowing to think these all came out of the ground.

We have a great range of tourmalines, rutilated quartzes and other stones in varying lengths so there's a perfect one for everyone.  Come find yours or one for the one you love.  If you can't make it in, write to us here for pictures of our latest stock.

UPDATE:   We just added a few new styles to our stock here, including these stacked tourmaline slices and some raw turquoise and aquamarine beads.  So simple and beautiful!