Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things Made From Other Things III

Just because a timepiece doesn't tell the time anymore doesn't mean it's job is done. Two artsy gals in Mexico City have been taking old watch parts and little defunct circuit boards and turning them into these adorable keychains. I'm betting that having one of these little guys smiling back at you is worth more than knowing what time it is anyways.

So, tomorrow, April 22nd is Earth Day. Come spend $50 or more with us and we'll give you a free eco-friendly envirosax bag to carry all your stuff. These big,colorful, re-usable bags roll up super small which makes them easy to throw in a purse or pocket so next time at Trader Joe's you don't have to say, "Yeah, I brought my own bag but I left it in the car." At a normal price of $9.00 that's like almost 20% off!


  1. i think these artsy gals are so talented! i love these.
    the earth day special is fantastic. i bought one of those envirosax bags from you guys and it's the best thing. it's so small that it's always in my purse - so no excuses at the grocery store!

  2. Happy Earth Day!!! I love all these things made from other things. They are wonderful!