Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finger Puppets

I'm not only the President of the Finger Puppet Club for Men...

I'm also the only client.

The only sad thing about these 100% cotton, handmade finger-puppets from Peru is cutting them loose from the string that binds them together in a life-preserver shape (donning them as a lion's mane never gets old), everything else about them is pure joy for boys and girls of all ages.

We've got farm animals, safari animals, marine mammals and I think a librarian, too. Come root around in the pile, or email us and we'll help you put together the perfect set!


  1. I love it!!! YOu need to blow up this photo and put it on the store's next post card!!!

  2. this picture is amazing. i always say, just pile it on!

  3. i'd like to join the club. how do i join?